Our collaborative team approach to projects ensures the best possible outcomes with processes in place not only to create and build modern kitchens, but entire bathroom and interior spaces. 

Our interior renovation services are provided by our licensed crew of builders who work closely with our design team – to create inspiring designs that evoke a sense of wellbeing.

Drawing on years of international experience, from original concept through to completed design, LEICHT has the relevant technical and planning knowledge to guide your project through each stage of development.

We deploy extensive construction knowledge and meticulous attention to detail from the conceptual development of a project through to its final completion – whether it be kitchen, bathroom or other interior space.

Our process involves
the following 7 stages


We meet with you in our showroom to introduce you to our products, 
finishes and technological innovations, and initiate you into our personalised 
and methodical design approach


You engage us to undertake a German kitchen design consultation at your home, or to work off plans for our set design fee of $950, which will be deducted from the kitchen price once you agree to purchase.

To engage us to design other areas of your home or provide an interior design service, your designer will charge a non-deductible hourly fee


We learn about the desires for your modern kitchen, interior zones or bathroom, and set budget and creative goals for your project, while recommending options to translate your aspirations into unique and desirable spaces


We brainstorm, reflect, and deliberate on your project. Our design approach is systematic and pragmatic, yet innovative and rich, and after a week or two we settle on our draft design concepts, bringing your vision to life


We invite you back to our showroom where we present the concepts to you on our premium 3d computer programme, explaining the rationale behind the development of your project and provide you with pricing


If our first design hasn’t blown you away with its creativity, we work on revising the concept until you’re completely happy with it and it meets its original goals. 

Inventive and analytical design is the hallmark of our style, and our goal is to translate your objectives into reality


When we’ve fine-tuned the concept to perfection, and we all agree that the final concept
is breathtaking, you pay a deposit, sign our contract and we begin the process of ordering your brand new LEICHT kitchen from Germany, or initiating our project team to undertake the first stages of your renovation project.