Kitchen and room planning in a small space. A place for everything...

A well-known phenomenon: small living space that wants to be used particularly well. Because bigger does not always necessarily mean better. In today's world, a high degree of networking, mobility and flexibility goes hand in hand with rapidly changing, modern ways of living and working. In addition to increasingly scarce living space in cities with growing population densities, changing job structures also currently require a rethink in terms of private space and furnishings. From co-housing to micro-housing to temporary forms of living - contemporary approaches in the overarching context of "urban living" in particular call for innovative ideas of spatial conception and customised implementation. LEICHT responds to current living needs with planning expertise and design sensitivity and shows with an exemplary, compactly thought-out boarding house scenario how comprehensive interior fittings can create a personal atmosphere in a small space in a functional and flexible way. noble, charming and expressive.

With this design, LEICHT offers a maximum feeling of space on a minimum floor plan: Modular shelving systems from the FIOS range combined with ceiling-high sliding doors form flexible, walk-in functional spaces and create an intimate moment in the open-plan living space above. With a new planning approach, this living space creates areas that are coherent and flow into one another, and directly addresses the central needs of its occupants with well thought-out sliding door and storage space constructions. With LEICHT, any desired room solution can be perfectly implemented with modular systems and aesthetic material combinations in lacquer and wood.